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The Austin Senior Resource Alliance is made up of professionals across many fields of service in the Austin, Texas area. Seniors today have a vast array of decisions to make and options to choose from. 

Our group was the brainchild of  

REALTOR® Cyndi Cummings, who realized her love of the senior citizen population after her work finding Elder Care solutions for senior citizens. She realized that, as a realtor, she felt there was more knowledge to be gained surrounding the specific needs of seniors who were in need of a lifestyle change and the concerns of their families. 

Cyndi called on her friends and the network expanded. She asked herself: who can help a family to move personal belongings from their family home to an Assisted Living community? Who can help find the appropriate level of care and the right community for people making the move? Who can help them stay in their home, if they choose that option? What legal paperwork is required or recommended? What governmental benefits can we utilize? What resources can we provide to the families who are dealing with their parents' or loved ones' transition?

Out of these questions, the Austin Senior Resource Alliance was born. It is now a place for businesses to come together to share their knowledge and services with each other. It is also a one-stop resource for seniors and their families who have questions about this critical and exciting time in their lives.